Audio Production Elements

Record | Process | Design

APE is an exciting journey and sonic challenge to create audio production samples and sounds from random recordings that I (Scientific-SD) capture throughout my daily routine.


Dead Leaves Perc Pack - Coming Soon

Dead Leaves Perc Pack | The highly experimental and sonic endeavor that ignites the relationship between field recordings and audio production elements.




Vessel Notes - Coming Soon

Celesé Zumbador | Humming a strange tune, a close friend of mines compelled me to record her vintage and motherly sonic tune live and thus, ‘CeleseZumbador’ was born.

The ‘Vessel Notes’ is a process that encompasses capturing live field recordings and transitioning those recordings into audio production elements; specifically, synth styled arpeggios, uniquely layered music notes and abstract samples. Each collection under the Vessel Notes are titled by the field recordings they were created from with the first installment aptly titled, “CeleseZumbador”.

The CeleseZumbador collection was created from (1) one recording of a female humming a tune that was reminiscent of a grandmother sitting on the couch, knitting a quilt in a perfectly harmonious aura of nurturing as only a grandmother could do. Containing only milliseconds of sample material to build these unique sounds from, the sounds of CeleseZumbador are first, naturally saturated with the atmosphere of a silent home in the semi-urban areas of, ‘Atlanta, Ga.’ with the bellows of distance wildlife, the laughter of kids playing in the streets and traffic. Inside the home a soundscape of appliances adds a natural ambient bed of noise to the recording which attributes every individual sound of CeleseZumbador in audibly flavorful delight.

The highlight of this collection begins with the instrument racks they were created in using ‘Ableton Live’. (2) two instrument racks were utilized to created (2) two different sonic experiences in the CeleseZumbador collection; ‘Spectral’ and ‘Waveform’. The spectral sounds of CeleseZumbador truly captures the essence of the original recordings frequency characteristics, while the waveform sounds introduces endless possibilities and exploration of waveform shaping to an manipulated version of the original audio recording.

Somewhat antiqued and nuanced, with subtle layers of originally recorded field noise and subtle lofi content, these collection of arpeggios, music notes and samples are original to the core and were individually designed, mixed and mastered with care.