High Quality, Completely Original, Extremely Experimental


This micro pack of percussion sounds are the offspring of (1) one 'Field Recording' I captured in my own backyard. Utilizing only a cellular phone equipped with a sophisticated recording app, the highly experimental, 'Dead Leaves Perc Pack' is an introduction into the sound designing process of 'Sound Creation Intelligence'.


  • Downloads - The ‘Core’ sounds, old and new will be available for free.

  • Upgrades - All new ‘Core’ sounds will be automatically added to the pack and made available for free upgradeability.

  • Quality - Source recording and rendered files are 48kHz/32bit .wav files.

  • Processing - Complex frequency sculpting (fundamentals/harmonics) that attributes signature sound via eqing processes per sound. Every individual sound was processed via exquisite replications of analog gear through vst emulations - IgniteAmps - Pultec Eq & T-Racks - Fairchild 670 just to name a couple off the top