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Welcome to the Sound Creation Intelligence's 'Guild', here you'll find a variety of information, live streams, video and numerous resources that Sound Creation Intelligence utilizes on a day-to-day basis as creative inspiration and motivation to tackle all the essentials of 'Sound Design' and 'Audio Production'.  From live 'Twitter Feeds' that will keep you updated on complementary and high-end plugins to reading material all the way down to notable individuals and businesses that can give you some great advice and direction concerning your sound design career.  In short, this is a comprehensive Info Bulletin about everything that's sound design and the business. 

Sound Intel's Spotlights

These spotlights are my top picks for places on the web to visit right now!  

  • Izotope Inc. Currently Offers (3) three free and professional grade plugins. Izotope is a great resource for starting your VST collection. I highly suggest their compact Imager as this should be in engineers arsenal for detecting and repairing phase correlation and stereo imaging issues (must have).

  • SonicScoop published a youtube video last year on mixing featuring "Bob Power". This was one of the very few lectures and walkthroughs of a mix being reversed engineered. If you're a 'DIY' artist struggling with the mixing process or just looking for great resources, this is one of them.

  • Creative Field is a go to site for me; everything incorporating recording sound. Advice on creating libraries, editing sound effects, budget-based gear, types of microphones, user based forums and link exchanging is here.

  • Zzounds is a great way to grab the equipment and some software you need if you're on a budget. You can choose from a few payment options with no credit check and get creative in no time. Aspiring 'DIY' Sound Designers should run to take advantage of this and start building your personal/business setup.

  • Radio Connection has a lot of useful information; I mainly use their large glossary of terms to identify sounds and audio production elements i.e., “is this a bumper or a stinger”?

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