Free Audio Field Recordings

I was initially going to release my personally captured audio recordings as a library titled, 'Recordings oRGANIC’. After experimenting with some wildlife, weather and environmental recordings in and around my own backyard, I’ve decided to share ‘Recordings oRGANIC’ with a ‘Creative Commons’ license in the ‘Public Domain’ as ‘CCO’ (No Rights Reserved License) MP3s. For those who you not familiar with the technical terms, this means that you can utilize and distribute the audio files on this page and in this MP3 format in any way that you deem; ‘Commercial/Non-Commercial’. These MP3 files are not your everyday run of the mill audio recordings, I’ve taken much time and care in minimally editing these audio recordings at their originally recorded sample rates of 48kHz/32bit .wav files (resampled at 96kHz/32bit), removing sound anomalies (microphone pops, movements, etc.), and preserving their original dynamic ranges compliant for broadcasting without any ‘Metadata’ implementation whatsoever. If you are a scientist, educator or any of the likes and find usefulness in these files please feel free to contact me for any additional questions.

These audio recordings are project ready and are great audio resources for ‘Documentaries’. Sound Designers will also find delight in using these recordings as ‘Core’ audio sources to create eFXs with as well.

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Recording Status: Raw, Field Recordings, Mp3, 48kHz/32bit.

Categories: Animals/insects sounds, vehicles, room tones, weather, abstract sounds, warehouses, Foley (mainly footsteps).

Processing: Edited in Izotope Rx/Adobe Audition CS6 - Minimal sound anomaly extraction (microphone pops, etc.), corrective eqing.

Equipment: Anything in my possession at the time (digital multi-tracker, zoom h4n pro, behringer c-1 condenser, cellular phone ( field recording app).

Note: No limiting or compression was implemented in the audio editing process of these audio recordings.



Atlanta, Georgia - Rural Community - Bird Songs

Weather - Insects/Thunder/Rain/Vehicles/Birds


Atlanta, Georgia - Rural Community - Environmental




Atlanta, Georgia - Rural Community - Foley Footsteps


Industrial/Forklifts/Light Feedback/RF Scanners


Atlanta, Georgia - Logistics Distribution Warehouse




Atlanta, Georgia Rural Community - Windstorm




Ft. Walton Beach Florida - Beach Dock


Emergency Vehicles


Atlanta, Georgia - Emergency Vehicles