Sakred Soniks

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Sakred Soniks journeys deep into the realms of Recorded Audio Manipulation; carving out unique and abstract sounds for Animators and Motion Graphics Artist in the industries of FIlm and Gaming.


Robotic Artifacts



Robotic Artifacts

Texturized Glitch SeFX Library

Robotic Artifacts is a unique blend of Trashy Audio Recordings X a Nasty Glitch Plugin X a Versatile Delay Plugin blended together within a single custom Ableton Live instrument Rack; further enhanced by a custom Ableton Live AUX DSP and Effects Rack mutated into a high quality, organic and robotic sonic experience.


Project Ready; further manipulation of the sounds can wield you a greater audible experience.

  • Alien Transmissions

  • Robotic Lasers

  • Glitchy Bleeps

  • Futuristic Guns

  • Organic Atmospheres

  • and more are all achievable via the creative regions of your imagination.


Preview The Sounds of ‘Robotic Artifacts’

101 Individually Recorded, Sculpted and Dynamically Processed, HQ48KHZ/32Bit .WAV, Texturized-Glitch SeFXs.

Texturized Glitch SeFX for Motion Graphics

Cinema 4D Still Render - Implement the ‘Robotic Artifacts’ in your 3D Animations for shatters Or object atmospheres.

Texturized Glitch eFx Textcopy2.png